SK-II - sogo

SK-II event again
but this time venue at sogo
to be make up artist =)

cupcake for customer =)


PGRM - 身心灵健康嘉年华会

Well today job call by victor too
at PGRM in the early morning =)
their title today

their place

all of the make up is same

drawing beard for him

i not sure what is their title on
i know somthings like devil they performed

so they need a very very terrible & heavy make up =)

CGM sing competition 2010

Victor call me for make up today
venue at astro
the show of
Classic Golden Melody sing competition 2010

make up for sing competition contestants, judge & host

make up with the judge
the last year i make up for u
cant imagine this year still me =))))
hehe he is quite friendly

the last year champion


all of the contestants

the host


the judge

this was very memorable memories =)

KL hilton make with foreigner

yuhoo i m quite happy here
today job introduce by Kawon at kl hilton
the last time work brand of RMK the pretty make up artist
yea she introduce me job & ask me to take care of them =D
for u sure happy right ^^

well after arrived i only know today make with foreigner =)
their own already have pretty eyes
so dont hope have smoky eyes or any heavy make up
just wish to have a very very normal make up =)

the partner only learn 3 month
hui qian

& the another partner, she have many years experience =)

yea nice to meet u all pretties

thx kawon to give the chance =)

RMK - the garden

Received 7 days job at the garden
brand of RMK
actually i have get call by RMK for job before, because my schedule times mix with their times
what can i do is just pass the job to my partner
well luckily i can join their team this time =)
Let me know more about their products
and this time i only to be hair stylist , an easy job =)

their new arrived


i like the doll
shooting shooting
ah fai is the photographer

& the touch up guy name ah wei

the ntv7 artist- may june
she told me she have bridal shooting later
so need natural hairstyle

pretty right

and the special day
they invite make up artist - KAWON to be Seminar Division
she quite friendly too =)

Kawon & me

incharge RMK roadshow this time=)
jane & connie

RMK senior

elaine & bonnie

laiyee & elaine

jesslyn & elaine

all the Colleague & Friend
i appeciate the experience i have & know u guy
keep in touch
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