Exotic of the barbie

The 2nd times i join the exotic competition
and this time teacher arrange me to be leader
title : fairy
design on the barbie

the next step is v need to try out 3rd times on real models
creative make up, hairstyling and body art

Range Yau

Celcom Party

Celcom Party
location at BB plaza
make up for celcom's gals
photo with the handsome host :)
celcom's gals
that day when v make up with gals suddenly began to rain
and v are inside the shed
the less experience, whole body get wet but v still cotinue make up for them

live show

Range Yau


Vivace Dance World annual performance

their annual performance
location at MATIC
introduce by me because that is my dance academy :)
make up n hair do for them

many kind of dance and many kind of make up
the 1st time make up with childs experience for me
that is great and cute childs
Range Yau
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