ELKEN's company part 2

ELKEN's against
as the same, make up & hair do for them =)
well, today people will more than last time

my today partners

me here =)
& photo with their stuffs
not much to show

today really many people, busy until non-stop
but this is good for me^^
i like my job & non-stop


ELKEN's company part 1

ELKEN's company
to praise some stuff in the year hit the target
& those stuff get some reward
so they have to full make up & hair do for photo shooting =)

photo shooting

& me responsible make up & hair do =)
this is the hot teacher hehe

only the 3 photos , cause didnt take much photo =)
will have one more day to there


Re-Couture fashion show

Make up & hair do
a Fashion show from tar college students designer
venue at zouk
let see the busy back stage hehe

& me too

this is 1 of the designer - Dorra

photo with models

wooo i like the dress much much

Their Re-Couture fashion show =)


Bridal - eva

Bridal at 4th april 2010
day & night section photo is here

the photo normally her - eva

done the morning section to her
simple and look spirit

and the night section
smokey and somethings like bird eyes she prefer

wish both of u happiness in future

Bride - Eva yen

BRIDAL make up & hair do
well she is best friend, she invite me to be her wedding day make up artist
sure i willing to do that =)
in the early morning

eva yen

& the night make up & hair do
just new bought a wig, to used on her =)

a heavy smoky she like =)
the new husband & wife
hope they hapiness forever ^^


F1 car show girls

Bridgestone F1 Party
Make up & hair do for car show girls
well, they specify want smoky eyes =)
venue at Grand Dorsett Subang

the 3 prettys done by me =)
*Diane Lew

*Ginny Gan
*huei yee

all of make up artists & car show girls


Stylo fashion show

Today get the job with my partner isabel
introduce by designer - girlbert
well they have show at night so v going to their academy make up & hair do for models =)
nearby pavilion prince hotel
{carven ong conture & wedding specialist}

i make up with the year of 2009 3rd ms.malaysia
i m glad to do that
& she is pretty - jean



designer - sarah

designer - girlbert

& carven ong

i m so appreciate that i meet =D

nice costume =)
design by sarah & girlbert
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